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dumb but funny

dumb but poop

wa wa

dumb but funn

i tried to open it and it won't work. it just flashes on my screen and goes away. i wish i could play it these reviews make me want too

cute n simple, i like it

cute :-)



supa fun!


Incredibly lovely!! Sad ending tho :o

great game, pretty entertaining


 O jogo é simples, mas bem legal! O design dos personagens é bem criativo, eles têm uma carinha fofa e divertida! Eu amei!


Such a great peace of art! Can I ask with what program you have animated the characters? :)

Thanks! They were animated in Unity which the game was also built in


This was great! When do we get level 2!


Probably still a long while off, but we already have a few ideas for other levels!

No way! That is great to hear!!!


Such a cute, simple, and addictive game, we Loved it! 10/10


Great vid, thanks for playing! 



This is a really nice and polished game I love all of the little characters in there

How do you switch to a different starting character? or can you not do that.

It's not currently possible sorry


Very cool stuff !


super cute little game! would love to see it expanded into further levels. love the skrunkly guys


There's always that one person-


I want to see more of this game!


This is really cute. I feel this could be expanded on by adding levels and more characters, and maybe a timed challenge.

cute, short and sweet - i love it!

This game is simple and cute! I really enjoying this!

cute simple, fun :)


i was rejected in the end :,D

me too :(

A Cute and simple little game that is the perfect length not to over stay its welcome 


Thanks for this game, it's been a while since I've had this much pure, unadulterated fun

Simple, cute, clever - and well done ++

A simple and short, but pretty fun game!

just kidding 10/10 xD


0/10 did not explode at the end, i have mingled with a new friend this game felt like i was getting edged but my brain

very fun!! love the simple concept and little creatures.

totally obsessed with this


1 ending?

wow, the end though

cool game though 10/10



Very cute! I had a great time playing, thanks for sharing it with us! (My favorite one is the short and wide one with a lot of legs.)


if you like pina coladas-


It's very cute! My favourite lil creature is the one with the many limbs sticking out everywhere (lol) 


Wonderful, just as always 10/10 from cookie crayon.

Secret ending there is a small chance for the guy at the end to say yeah then more stuff happens, but I don't want to spoil.

Spoil it man :(

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