Pikwip 1.1 Updates

  • Added cookiecrayon logo
  • Added title screen
  • Added snow to footsteps
  • Added more trees, mountains, clouds, signs, and a shrine
  • Added interactive snowmen and a beach ball
  • Added ice cave area
  • Added droppable snow platforms
  • Added music to end screen
  • Added lots of particles to end screen
  • Increased amount of snow falling
  • House now has chimney and smoke
  • Changed end screen message
  • Pressing ‘R’ now restarts game


Pikwip (macOS) 45 MB
Nov 03, 2022
Pikwip (Windows) 36 MB
Nov 03, 2022
Pikwip (Web) Play in browser
Nov 03, 2022

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where is the shrine

At the end, across the falling platforms. It's super hard to get to 😁


we got it


nice :D