The purr-fect challenge

Fancy yourself a feline fanatic? Or maybe you're a dessert connoisseur? Cat or Ice Cream? is a simple quiz-like game where your goal is to correctly guess as many cats or ice creams based on their silhouette.

Potentially cat-astrophic

Cat or Ice Cream? was created in one week as part of the notGDCJam 2020 based on two of the theme ideas ‘Feline’ and ‘Ice Cream’.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(64 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Cats, Comedy, Cute, Funny, My First Game Jam, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Cat or Ice Cream? (Windows - Not tested) 28 MB
Cat or Ice Cream? (macOS) 28 MB

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100% first try LETS GOOOOOOO

They still cheer if you get 0.\' LOL

Getting 0 is no easy task!

thank you!


lovely little game, very fun to play! ^-^

Nice work on the 100%!

(1 edit)

It's kind of rigged-And i tried multiple times and i got 90% this time!(Good game!)




Short game but absolutely fantastic!!! The art and music are very cute. Definitely worth playing =^.^=

Lol, only got the first one wrong

70 first try

I got 60% :D

80% CORRECT!!!


fresh mechanic! i like itttt !


50% correct on first try


:0 I love it

This game is so cute! I got 80% on my first try!

Same! :)

(1 edit)

wow I got it wrong the first time then I got it right the second time can't fool my cats    loVe ThE gAmE keep up the good work                  oh and by the way you can cheat by holding your mouse over the cat and ice cream buttons

Hey thanks for playing! We finally got around to fixing that bug :) 

you welcom

Cute little game :) The comments really make it

Thank you!

Man i loved this cute game.

amazing illustrations and music.


Nice vid! Thanks for playing

Ha! You fooled me! This was a such a cute short game.

The artwork is really well done. My favorite is the allergy cat.

Great vid! Good to see some of our ideas about trying to confuse the player actually worked :) Thanks for playing.

YOU can cheat by holding mouse on cat or ice cream

OMG haha we never noticed that! Thanks for the heads up :)

I became a fan of yours now

Haha thanks! :)

cat on a pot. 

but that's like, the classic icecream shape!

Haha is it though... 

HA! HAhahahah! too darn CUTE! HA! Really creative icecream/cats!

Thanks!! We had fun with the art haha 

Thank you for this cute and funny game <3

Thanks for playing it!!

Omg, I absolutely loved this. So well done!

Thank you! Thanks for the video 😊


It's simple but polished, which is nice because it can be tough to pull off the polish in Unity imo. Nice job. :3


Thank you!!! That's really nice to hear 🥰!!Development isn't our forte so we put a lot of time into trying to make the game look as polished as possible


cute game. wholesome and simple enough for my depression to be put at ease. thank you


Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

omg i love cats lmaooo

What about ice cream?


this game is rigged the ice cream look like a cat and the cat look like a ice cream i agree with the other guy there should be pvp and battle royale

Hahaha guess we gotta do it then 😂


you should add pvp and maybe a battle royale

Hahaha 😂

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i like it, the art is cute and creative :)

Thanks glad you liked it!!



Haha thank you 😊!

100% first try. loved the game, keep it up

Thanks so much 😊!

I had a lot of fun guessing through them! Great work on the creative designs!


Thanks for the positive feedback!! It's interesting watching someone play through it after only playing it ourselves 😁

Me reading the description: I am neither ;-;



don't eat that kitty cat

your digestive systems gonna be wack


Haha, I only got 30% correct! But they were all cute <3

Thank you 🙏😊! 

80% first try


👏👏👏 well done 😊 hope you enjoyed it!

Deleted post

Thank you 😁 glad you enjoyed liked it! 


this was so wholesome and pleasing to my eyes and ears thank u i love u

Hahaha thank you 😁😁


this was so cute and fun! it was surprisingly hard haha

Haha that's good to know 😁 thank you!