Click, flip, and drag your way to a fine meal.

Search the bizarre parallel world for the fabled hotdog. Items you shift on one side influence things on the other. Hot dog of all hot dogs, this is the game you didn’t know you’ve always wanted.

clikflip was created in one week as part of CCC Jam based on the theme ‘Playing Both Sides’.


[LEFT MOUSE] Drag/interact

[RIGHT MOUSE] Flip world


“The art style in clikflip is stunning”
- Tristan Cole, Game Developer
“Love it soo much, i’m still playing it”
- Dindi
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Colorful, Cute, Relaxing, Short, Singleplayer, Unity, weird


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Clip Flip (Windows) 24 MB
Clik Flip (macOS) 24 MB


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SO COOL I love the art too!!

Please make more levels


Cool Art, Cool Game..

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Found hotdog in 3 SECONDS!!!!!!!! i think i got WR

EDIT: Now i got it in 2 seconds!!!!!!!!!


how? i can't find it :(

its behind the gear. i got it that fast by clicking the hot dog through the gear.


can't find the hotdog 😭😭


What a feast for the eyes!


i am stuck.. i have literally clicked on everything and turned it around and nothing is happening

I was stuck too lol, then I noticed something right near the gear lol and found le hotdog~


Iz fownd hotdog an hotdog goodzz az well fowndz goodezt ovs gamez gratez gobz!!!!

great job please make more if you all want to cuz I have money to throw at indie creators!!!

Hahaha thanks we're trying to develop our game Pikwip a bit more


love it soo much, im still playing it


Thank you!! Glad you like it 😊! Have you found the hotdog 😁?

3 months ago, yes, i cant remember how to find it anymore so im trying to do it again lmao

well.. i'm sure that this game will be the winner! Perfect interpritation on the theme, perfect idea, nice art! Love it!

Thank you so much ^_^!!

Wow this artwork and style is just absolutely amazing. The gameplay is unique, the sounds effects just amplify the fantastic art, and the music wraps it all up into a super enjoyable product. Would love to see more levels with more cool artwork in this style!

Thanks so much for such a great review!! 

great game love the art style but sad because its short...wish there was more levels because i love it so much, very funny as well


Thank you!! We wanted to do more levels but ran out of time :'(

I love the art so much


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I like the unique art style and gameplay keep it up!

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Thank you  :)!!