They smothered the sun and choked the light from our world.

One light remains.

Challenge yourself to play both characters, or play local co-op with a friend to be stronger together.

Kindling was created by cookiecrayon for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1. The theme was 'Stronger Together', and the game jam ran for one week.



Fries movement  W, A, S, D
Salad movement  ↑, ←, →, ↓

SPACE to fuse/divide (when Fries and Salad are close together)


Fries rotation  A, D
Fries shoot  W
Salad rotation  ←, → 
Salad shoot  ↑

How to play

Pick up orbs, fuse characters, and shoot the enemies until none remain. Enemies will walk towards the fire to try and smother it. The fire's life is indicated by its life bar. Protect the fire's last light.


Kindling (Windows - not tested) 26 MB
Kindling (macOS) 26 MB


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Is there any plan to add online co-op? I'd love to play this with my sister but we're in different countries.

That would be awesome but we have no idea how to implement online co-op!


I recommend to go a tell people to use parsec to play online co-op, it's free and very reliable

Great game, love the idea. but i was trying to find the pause button, and click p, which built a huge white block over my campfire

Oh haha, that is definitely not supposed to be there. Thanks for the heads up!

It is hard to play alone. I need to find some friends. Great game.

Definitely easier with friends :) thanks for playing!


Super cute game. The layout and design is great. The names are adorable fires and salad lol. Very pleasing aesthetic. Fun little game :)



beautiful graphics and great concept.

loved the music too.

nice job!

Thanks! The main gameplay music was actually a happy accident where we played a piano track backwards





Beautiful design, well executed. Fries/Salad.. lol. Nicely done!


Thanks! Yup I think we were quite hungry when we can up with the names.