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i love your game, its so simple and funny


How can i change the play key? my w key is broken so it's hard to jump ;-;

Hey sorry that currently isn't possible. Maybe in a future update!


Hi! My 4 year old daughter love this game. She laughs a lot watching me playing it. More levels, please!


beautiful game, love the artsytle and music


Really cute aesthetic and the gameplay was fun. Would definitely come back for more updates. One suggestion, a way to pull your buddy back up if they fall down. Having more difficult parkour would extend the gameplay loop, but given the focus on cooperation, giving the players a way to save progress by working together would be nice. 


im stuckk

yo in what part

in the parkour part ;-;

all of it's parkour

'I have a friend of me' orr whatever you just know the movie toy story 2? or 3..?


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Ngl whenever i fall it is actually making me rage-(Omfg there's so many people here-)


I guess we are the same-

lol, maybe



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i rage quitted




Why does the one on the right look so derpy


Oh my lord uhhhh fuck holy shit wait whar i uhhhhhh what h a p p e n e d

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oh look a new free game $2.00? "delete" "delete" "delete". There. $0.00 to the game developer, seems fair.

edit:  yeaah prety bad

What do you mean?

please keep those toxic words to yourself, sir.

as an extra challenge, you can try only moving pik and wip independently

We normally call that a player with no friend

This game is so cool! its adorable!

yeahh its cute

its not hard when you have a friend 

Deleted 9 days ago

We loved playing it and it's so smooth with nice design. Just one little thing that would be better is that you put an option for single player that can discover the map without having to play with 2 hands. 

this was really fun and cute 

LOL I loss my friend

Cute! Would play again with more updates!

Further feedback:

-Maybe add more to the linked mechanic - maybe they can use it as a rope to swing to other platforms? 

-That being said, playing singleplayer wasn't really an issue; as long as they were clustered together I could essentially treat it as one character if I wanted to. I dunno if this is a positive or not, but that was how it was.


so cute!

really cute, fun game. if a longer version came out i would definitely play :)

I love this


Is the right part of the chasm solid? The first rock in not solid but the second rock is so idk.

cool game


Reaally nicee

OMG i loved it.

this game is so underrated that it's insulting



I loved the soundtrack. Perfect for a rainy day

Super cute and really interesting Mechanic! Reminds me of Fire Boy and Water Boy on Addicting Games back in the day.


A good game to play with your friend.

Each person controls each character to cooperate.

Thanks for the game.

Cute but hard.


pikwip is insane

i like pikwip

same bro

I fell in love with the cuteness and style


can you get past the chasm.


No, no you can not.

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