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Pretty little game!! Like it


cool i played both characters


Amazing game! I would definitely play the full version if it was out :)


Amazing game!

Thank you!


very good game including the fact it was made in 72 hours! I like the graphics and the design the game is challenging alone i havent played with someone yet but it would probably be very fun! I also like the concept of the game and how the climbers are stuck together. very good game!

Thanks a lot!! Making it in 72 hours was definitely a challenge! Hope you get to play it with someone, it's a pretty different experience to single player :)

Nice music and gameplay! Everything felt smooth

Thank you 😊

Great fun and good graphics.


super cute game! I love it :)

Thank you!!

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Amazing, I love the art and the Music is amazing!


Thanks so much!

genius xD

Haha cheers ^_^

The theme song of this game reminding me about NITROME! Thanks a lot ! Cool game!

Thanks for playing!


I love the visuals in this game!

Thank you :)!


I like this I play this with my sis when I want to play 2 player

Glad you like it!

Hey friend :)
We have a YouTube channel and we want to make a video about your game, we are asking for your permission to broadcast our gameplay.
If you want, we can show the progress of development, gameplay, concept art and more... Anything that you will share with us.
please contact us by mail:
Or by twitter: @GeeksBoxs

We would love to hear back from you


Pretty difficult at first, but you get use to it after a while. Cool game!


this was actually adorable! i love the concept, and its nice that it runs really well on lower end computers like mine. such a cute little game to play, im looking foward to seeing more of it!

Thank you! 

Hi! I'm a new game dev (a 12 year old kid writing codes without knowing the output of it) Your game is a real inspiration for me. Thanks alot for making it.

Thank you! Glad to be an inspiration to others :) We learned a lot from Youtube. Brackeys and Blackthornprod have some great beginner tutorials if you're looking for some.

Thanks a lot! I wish I can be like u guys in future. :D

My younger cousin is coming over to my house in a few days! I'm sure we'll enjoy this game. Thank you so much!!

Great to hear! Hope you two have fun :)

please add some way to play without arrow keys like ijkl my keyboard doesn't have a right arrow key

This was great fun for me and my little sis. She loved the little pink one!

Thanks! Glad you both enjoyed it :)

My video on the game. Don't forget to give it a view.

Nice vid, thanks for playing!

Yeah, but hope you watched it.

The art and music are perfect, this game is adorable!!

Thank you!!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed playing it ^_^!!

Great vibe to this! Art work + music + mechanics are super fun!

Thank you!!



Made a video


Haha love the vid, you guys were hilarious! Can't believe you managed to make it back up that last bit!

We're working on adding a lot more to the game so hopefully can add puzzles and a proper ending.

Happy you enjoyed the video we had a lot of fun climbing the mountain and falling off it. Looking forward to what you have planned next and hopefully we will reach the top again.

that was hella fun 

Glad you enjoyed it!

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great game

you should release it for the Nintendo switch

it has the right controls for the job.


Thanks, and yes would be perfect for the Switch!

Cool game! My brother and I played together... ( 7 and 20 years old respectively ). We really enjoy the music and art style. The first 75% of the climb was pretty easy for both of us. We didn't make use of the "rope" mechanic until it started getting challenging during the final bit of the game ( where it got very vertical) . I would suggest trying to layer the "rope" mechanic with other mechanics to create dynamic gameplay! Maybe "slidy" dark ice? Maybe a bouncy trampoline or something? I could definitely see this game being expanded upon and eventually produced into a full title! 


Glad you two enjoyed it! Great ideas, we are actually looking into adding ice too. Interesting that you found it easy, where some others found it difficult. We may look at scaling up the difficulty the further you get towards the end of the game.

i need it I NEED IT. PLs TH e game is so cute and i LOVE IT. I AND MY BROthER plAyED it And itso adorable please develop some more omg I NEED ITIN MY SYSTEM

Haha glad you both enjoyed it! We hope to develop it into a longer game soon.

This definetly feels more like a physics game than a platformer, and that's ok. You can use it to your advantage, as I found messing  around with the weird physics was quite fun. I may or may not have found some weird movement options, and I may or may not have gone to places where I shouldn't have gone to, and I overall found this to be quite fun. I was never able to see the proper ending, because I had trouble with precise platforming, but nonetheless this feels like a very enjoyable experience. 4 out of 5

Haha I was wondering if anyone would be able to make it out of the level. One of the major things for us moving forwards is to refine the controls and physics a lot more while still keeping a little of the weird physics in it.

Thanks for responding! I absolutely loved the game's art style and think it would be a great game to play with friends (when CoVid-19 ends)! I really wish that it could possibly have a mobile port, or have controller support. I am full-heartedly looking forward to what the game will be like after release!

Also, I forgot to include this, I really hope that you guys can make the animations more fluid in the full game, as the jump can seem really jarring. I also found 2 bugs: 1. You could basically double jump if your parter was higher than you and you have a wall near you; and 2, your partner will start spinning in the area with the ropes unless he moves or you go down with him.

Note: Was replaying this game a bit like a speedrun and just found out the blocks at the end don't have collision. Cheeky.


Thanks, yes we found those bugs too, just didn't have time to fix. There was a point where they could infinitely jump if they were touching!

Haha yup we had to force the player down as we didn't have time to add more level.

I didn't know there were physics! How do you activate those...??

Game physics are the ways characters move around and interact with each other. They are already in the character when programmed, and can be toggle at times. You cannot activate them. In this post I meant that the game's physics were weird but fun to play around, such as how you can spiral up a almost perpendicular column by mashing a direction and jump on both characters. Some other physics-based games you should check out if you found this fun is "I am bread", "Octodad", and "Grow home" (a free one on flash is "qwop", but you need to enable flash to play it).

Oh. Well to me they kind-off feel like they're too stiff. Like they don't know what slopes are.

an adorable art style with simple but fun gameplay. Enjoyed it and would enjoy an expansion of this game


The game is really charming. It is quite challenging if you are playing by yourself. Awesome work guys!

Thank you!

Absolutely agreed with previous commentators!

Love the art and the gameplay is fun.

Good job!

Thanks so much!

Really good game! Love the art style and the music!

Thank you :)

Cool ambiance and amazing art. I can easily see this turn into a full game!

Thanks! Yes, we can't wait to build it out further :)

Really fun game. I would definitely go for expanding on the idea.

One thing that I would add is different abilities to the characters so that they would help (or incommode) each other. Think about different jump height, speed, weight, double jump, dash etc.

Thank you! Yea those could be nice ways to really make the two characters work together better.

This is awesome!
Gameplay is fun and the arts pretty good too!
Those stylized trees look great!

I' m kinda jealous about you amazing page... haha! ;)

Thank you! The styling of the page actually took up a decent chunk of our jam time 😅

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very polished and fun, but playing alone is tedious

Thank you! Yea we found single player a lot harder too.

Pretty fun to play with friends!

I love the art style and the music fits nice!

Thanks! 🙂

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