Alone and isolated, floating through the quiet of space...

Until the alert. The one you never thought you’d hear: signs of life detected. Could it really be? Maybe. Better not get your hopes up. But you’ll never know unless you follow that signal.

Quiet Space was created in 11 days as part of the Major Jam: Isolation based on the theme 'Isolation', with the limitation 'There are no living things'.


[↑][↓][←][→] Movement

[SPACE] Interact

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Exploration, Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer, Space, Space Sim, Story Rich, Unity


Quiet Space (macOS) 42 MB
Quiet Space (Windows - Not tested) 42 MB


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plot twist:we were actually playing as aliens trying to find a planet with life on it to blow up


oof that ending 😂


wow, love the game but I feel like the fast controls to the ship don't compliment the atmosphere that much, great game though!

This is really nice. Love the art style and music, it's so smooth. The twist was really well presented! :)


Love the background music and the atmosphere and that ending!!!muah amazing!




I did not expect that ending, but cool game :D

The HTML5 version doesn't render the ship or obstacles beyond the starting screen. Enjoy the music and the background art though.


What a wonderful little experience nice work

How did I know that it was gonna be an Earth nuke

Do you live somewhere in asia?


That was pretty neat! The ship's controls felt very sensitive and zoomy, which I felt maybe undercut the sense of quiet and isolation you were going for. Personally I think a slower moving and delayed response controls could have worked well to compliment the atmosphere? BUT I still had a really fun time, and I liked the story!

Thank you for the feedback!

That was really fun!



  Looks like he pressed the "laser button" instead of the "greet button" 

This game is very very cool, it has a deep meaning and the simple, but effective art design is awesome

Thank you, glad you liked it :)

This game had such a deep meaning! I absolutely loved this quick game! Would definitely nominate for the Indie Awards.

Thank you! 🙂

If you submit it, i might have a couple hundred phones lying around ;)

Heya! I featured your game again if anyone is interested! Congrats!

Thanks for the feature and that's a really nice review! We're glad you like the game so much 😊!!! 

Bro... this is game with very deep meaning, isn't it?

I guess it is 😊...




That surprised me, in a good way!

Good to hear :)


That was a neat experience; thank you for it! ^_^

I did have a little trouble steering my craft--either turning felt a bit sensitive, or I just wasn't very good with the control setup. I also found that in some cases the distinction between "things that I fly under" and things that I bump into" wasn't entirely clear.

Still, those were minor quibbles. The atmosphere was good, and both the music and the visuals were lovely. It felt non-trivial to find my way, but not so much as to be frustrating. Overall I liked this! ^_^

Thank you!! It does seem like a few people had trouble with the controls and distinguishing between interactive and non interactive objects as well.. We'll remember that for our next games!! 

Glad you enjoyed playing the game in general though ! 


Lmao what a twist

Haha thanks 😊!

I cant play every time i press spacebar it scrolls me down


Click where the game is, it should work

i Did but it doesn't work


Great game, very inspiring! :)

Thank you!!


this is a pretty solid game, did not expect that ending lol. its a little hard to differentiate the background and the foreground though, other than that, good job!

Thank you! 


the controls and speed of reaction when using arrow keys or WASD, was a bit to fast and not smooth enough for my liking but overall it was a great experience, enjoyed the twist at the end, and the graphics plus the background track gives it a really cool vibe

Thanks!! Yeah seems like a few people didn't like the controls much, something to keep in mind for future games I guess!!


Congratulations Quiet space took the #3 spot out of every single game I played this week! I loved your demo to death and I can't wait for the full game to come out and be amazing! Great job guys!

Thank you for the feature! 🙂


this was a really cool game! thank you :)

thank you for playing it!


I Like The game!, but the controls feels a bit weird for me

Hey glad you liked the game and thanks for the feedback on the controls! 


that was unexpected.

Hehe thanks 

(1 edit) (+3)

Great Work!

I really liked it!

The ending left me astonished :)

The music is super relaxing and a bit distressing, what tool did you use to make it?

We used Adobe Illustrator for the art and Unity to put it all together 😊


Oh I didn't realise you were asking what tool we used to make the music.. The music is from (CC0 License) and we used Adobe Audition to tidy it up a bit and get rid of the background noise

freesound is so good

Yeah it can be awesome and also terrible at times


Awesome game! We featured it in our latest video! You can check it out here if you’re interested!


What a great little game! Love the twist!