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cool game


Reaally nicee

OMG i loved it.

this game is so underrated that it's insulting



I loved the soundtrack. Perfect for a rainy day

Super cute and really interesting Mechanic! Reminds me of Fire Boy and Water Boy on Addicting Games back in the day.


A good game to play with your friend.

Each person controls each character to cooperate.

Thanks for the game.

Cute but hard.


pikwip is insane

i like pikwip

same bro

I fell in love with the cuteness and style


can you get past the chasm.


No, no you can not.


best game ever

cool game imma play it with brother sooner or later


didn't have any friends to play with but it was super fun ^^


fun game me and my friend had fun

Super cute!!!

Best experience of my life, i ascended into the fourth dimension


One of the best games I’ve played till now. I didn’t have much fun in a while. Me and my brother don’t get along easily but this game got us to do that after a while.

good game my dude

It was a very good game i played it with my brother but the frustrating part is that i played 2 times bc i thought the platforms were real😅. I can’t wait for the full game.

the platforms at the end are fake :(

Knuckles Chaotix but harder

Wonderful looking game and fun to play 

It's so hilarious! Concept is very interesting, and the style is super cute. Though, it's a bit tough to play this game alone :^

Had a lot of fun! But then I couldn't figure out how to close down the game... I had to close down my whole computer to shut down the game. Maybe making a menu button of some sorts would be helpful? 

Maybe try using the task manager? (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)

Ah yeah that works, thank you!

Did you hit escape button?


lovely music!!! really fun game. difficult to play by myself :p


the best game I ever played nice creativity.


fun game i just suck at it


such a great game! Definitely need more of the local multiplayer out there; even though i played both parts. :'( lol

I love this good job <3

I played both parts because I am alone, but otherwise a very fun game!


noice and very cool


great game!!


Very fun to play with a friend!!!

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